The Missing Entrepreneurs 2015

Policies for Self-employment and Entrepreneurship

image of The Missing Entrepreneurs 2015

The Missing Entrepreneurs 2015 is the third edition in a series of annual reports that provide data and policy analysis on inclusive entrepreneurship. Inclusive entrepreneurship involves business start-up and self-employment activities that contribute to social inclusion as well as to economic growth, covering entrepreneurship activities by social groups such as youth, women, seniors, immigrants and the unemployed. The report contains data on the scale and scope of entrepreneurship and self-employment activities across EU Member States by social target groups, as well as the barriers they face. The report also contains special thematic chapters on supporting growth for entrepreneurs from disadvantaged and under-represented groups, effective coaching and mentoring, and the role of public procurement in supporting inclusive entrepreneurship. Each thematic chapter discusses current policy issues and challenges, and makes recommendations for EU policy makers. The report also provides inspiring policy-practice examples from each of the 28 EU Members.

English Also available in: French, German

Executive Summary

Despite some signs of recovery from the recent economic crisis, European labour markets continue to face many challenges. Unemployment continues to be one of the top political priorities of European governments and the question on everybody’s mind is “how can we create jobs?”. The jobless recovery has made it very difficult for young people to enter the labour market for the first time and difficult for unemployed and inactive people to move into employment. This will have lasting effects, for both the individuals and for society.

English Also available in: French, German

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