A literature review on the relationship between resources, employees well-being and performance with specific attention to Nordic issues

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The main objective of the report is to review the international, quantitative literature on the effects of individual, task, social, group, leader and organizational factors on both employee well-being and performance at work. We also report the results of national workshops in Nordic countries, which provide practitioners ideas on workplace initiatives to improve employee well-being and performance. From our literature review, we conclude that individual and organizational factors are more often related to both employee outcomes than group or leadership factors. Employee performance was found to be a stronger outcome than employee well-being for all workplace factors. National workshops indicate that initiatives can develop factors to improve well-being and performance. We conclude with a model that identifies the different factors that promote employee well-being and performance.



Results from Literature Reviews

In this chapter we present the results of literature reviews. We do not distinguish between countries because most reviews included studies from all over the world. We distinguish between two types of reviews. Systematic literature reviews that summarise the results of empirical studies and meta-analyses which statistically link resources and employee outcomes. Table 9 below provides an overview of the literature reviews that examined the relationships between workplace resources and employee well-being and performance. A summary of the results of the literature reviews are presented in Table 10 at the end of this chapter.


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