OECD Employment Outlook 2021

Navigating the COVID-19 Crisis and Recovery

image of OECD Employment Outlook 2021

The 2021 edition of the OECD Employment Outlook focusses on the labour market implications of the COVID‑19 crisis. Chapters 1-3 concentrate on the main labour market and social challenges brought about by the crisis and the policies to address them. Chapters 4-5 cover long-standing structural issues but also discuss their relevance and implications for the COVID-19 crisis. More specifically, Chapter 1 monitors the impact of the crisis on the labour market, with a particular focus on vulnerable groups in the medium and long term. Chapter 2 provides a preliminary assessment of the role of job retention schemes in preserving jobs during the COVID-19 crisis. Chapter 3 analyses how active labour market policies and public employment services have responded to the challenges posed by the crisis. Chapter 4 assesses the extent and consequences of domestic outsourcing for the labour market in general, and for low-wage occupations in particular. Chapter 5 provides a detailed review of statutory and negotiated regulations governing working time – including teleworking – as well as an overview of trends in working time patterns and time use across OECD countries and socio-demographic groups.

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Labour market developments: The unfolding COVID‑19 crisis

The COVID‑19 pandemic led to a global health crisis with no parallel in living memory. The impact on the economy and societies around the world has been both deep and widespread. The initial shock hit large parts of the economy, as fear of contagion and severe restrictions on social proximity put economic activity on hold in many countries. As people and governments have learnt more about how to live alongside the virus, behaviours have been adapted and restrictions more targeted. This has enabled many to return to work, although others have continued to suffer. This chapter documents the unfolding impact of the COVID‑19 crisis on the labour market, as well as the challenges that are still emerging. The chapter highlights those groups who have borne the brunt of the crisis, suggesting where there may be a need for more profound and long-lasting support.

English Also available in: French



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