Labour Force Statistics 2010

image of Labour Force Statistics 2010

This annual edition of Labour Force Statistics provides detailed statistics on population, labour force, employment and unemployment, broken down by gender, as well as unemployment duration, employment status, employment by sector of activity and  part-time employment. It also contains participation and unemployment rates by gender and detailed age groups as well as comparative tables for the main components of the labour force. Data are available for each OECD Member country and for OECD-Total, Euro area and European Union. The time series presented in the publication cover 20 years for most countries. It also provides information on the sources and definitions used by Member countries in the compilation of those statistics.

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Information for Part I

The Summary tables refer to the period 1986 to 2009 and group, for selected headings, the figures available for 30* of the OECD Member countries, as well as the following geographical areas: the OECD-Total, the Major seven countries, the Euro area and European Union.

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