Jobs for Youth/Des emplois pour les jeunes: Australia 2009

image of Jobs for Youth/Des emplois pour les jeunes: Australia 2009
Whatever the level of qualification, first experiences on the labour market have a profound influence on later working life. Getting off to a good start facilitates integration and lays the foundation for a good career, while a failure can be difficult to make up.

This report contains - for Australia - a survey of the main barriers to employment for young people, an assessment of the adequacy and effectiveness of existing measures to improve the transition from school-to-work, as well as a set of policy recommendations for further action.



The role of welfare and activation policies

Australia has an excellent record in terms of school-to-work transition, as several indicators of Chapter 1 suggest. For some youth, however, the first steps after leaving school are still characterised by the experience of unemployment synonymous with spells of income support (or inactivity). There is also some evidence of repetitive use (churning) of income support among unemployed youth.


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