Job-rich Growth in Asia

Strategies for Local Employment, Skills Development and Social Protection

image of Job-rich Growth in Asia

Jobs-rich Growth in Asia discusses some of the most pressing issues that countries in Southeast Asia are facing in regard to boosting local employment and skills development while advancing social protection strategies in emerging, fast-growing labour markets. A joint OECD/ILO initiative, this book analyses local approaches in Asia to modernise labour markets and skills strategies and shows how local recovery is taking place through a combination of policy measures on employment creation, skills development and social protection.



Building a new model in developing Asia

Chapter 1, “Building a new model in developing Asia”, discusses the new opportunities and challenges within Asian economies after the economic crisis. The chapter highlights a potential new model to make the recovery job-rich and sustainable, focusing on skills development and employment policy; sustainable enterprise development; and social protection which is further examined later in the book. The chapter identifies the key priorities for labour market policy, social protection and economic development from a survey conducted by the OECD, in collaboration with ASEAN, among Ministries of Labour and Economic Development in countries of Southeast Asia in 2008 and outlines the book structure.


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