Job Creation and Local Economic Development 2016

image of Job Creation and Local Economic Development 2016

This second edition of Job Creation and Local Economic Development examines how national and local actors can better work together to support economic development and job creation at the local level. It sheds light on a continuum of issues – from how skills policy can better meet the needs of local communities to how local actors can better engage employers in apprenticeships and improve the implementation of SME and entrepreneurship policy. It includes international comparisons that allow local areas to take stock of how they are performing in the marketplace for skills and jobs. It also includes a set of country profiles featuring, among other things, new data on skills supply and demand at the level of OECD sub-regions (TL3).

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Making SME and entrepreneurship policy more effective at the local level

Co-ordination between the various stakeholders involved in policy design and policy implementation is critical to avoid duplications, harness synergies between programmes, and make sure that policy gaps are minimised. Co-ordination is especially important in the case of small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) and entrepreneurship policies, as they often fall under the remit of both national and sub‐national governments and cut across the responsibilities of different ministries. This chapter examines the national factors that set the context for policy co-ordination and tailoring, and identifies how the right governance mechanisms, delivery arrangements, and data collection and evaluation can improve the implementation of these policies.

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