Indigenous Employment and Skills Strategies in Australia

image of Indigenous Employment and Skills Strategies in Australia

Innovative ways of working with Indigenous Australians are needed to improve their employment prospects, especially as many work in jobs that are most likely to be impacted by digitalisation and automation in the future. This report considers both quantitative and qualitative data regarding employment, skills, and entrepreneurship opportunities for Indigenous Australians. A number of case studies were undertaken with employment and training providers in the cities of Sydney and Perth to gain insights into the delivery of employment and skills programmes targeted to Indigenous Australians. The report highlights critical success factors to better link Indigenous Australians to high quality jobs while also providing recommendations regarding future employment and skills programming.



Executive Summary

Finding a good job is critical to improve an individual’s overall socio-economic status, but Indigenous Australians face a number of barriers to employment. Indigenous Australians had labour market participation rates 19.9 percentage points lower than the non-Indigenous population in 2016 (57.1% versus 77.0%). The unemployment rate of Indigenous Australians was 18.4%—almost three times higher than the non-Indigenous Australian unemployment rate of 6.8% in 2016.


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