Improving the Provision of Active Labour Market Policies in Estonia

image of Improving the Provision of Active Labour Market Policies in Estonia

This report on Estonia is the seventh country study published in a series of reports looking into how policies connect people with jobs. It discusses the set-up and performance of active labour market policies (ALMPs) in Estonia. In particular, the report analyses the institutional and regulatory framework of ALMP provision in Estonia, assesses the need for ALMPs in the Estonian population and evaluates whether ALMPs reach the people they are targeted to. For that purpose, the report relies on the analysis of a rich set of linked administrative data which allow to identify the labour market obstacles faced by people furthest from the labour market, and identify gaps and overlaps in the ALMPs and related support provided to them.



Giving people better opportunities to participate in the labour market is a key policy objective in all OECD and EU countries. More and better employment increases disposable income, strengthens economic growth and improves well-being. Well-tailored labour market and social protection policies are a key factor in promoting the creation of high quality jobs and increasing activity rates. Such policies need to address pressing structural challenges, such as rapid population ageing and evolving skill needs, including those needed for the green transition. They should also foster social inclusion and mobilise all of society.


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