Greening the Blue Economy in Pomorskie, Poland

image of Greening the Blue Economy in Pomorskie, Poland

As coastal area on the Baltic Sea in north-central Poland, Pomorskie faces unique challenges and opportunities associated with the transition to a green economy, a diversified economy, growing population and significant natural resources. This report focuses on the sustainable development of the oceans and coastlines surrounding the region, known as the blue economy.


Based on an OECD survey designed to capture the needs and perceptions of local employers (mostly of small- and medium-sized enterprises [SME]), this report analyses the specific skills needed to support green growth in Pomorskie, and how related labour market and training programmes can be made more effective in supporting the transition to a low-carbon economy.




National and regional frameworks for greening blue economy sectors in Poland and Pomorskie

This chapter describes the key ministries and agencies in Poland who manage the legislative and regulatory framework for the green and blue economy. This institutional mapping provides a rich context for understanding where green and blue economy policies are designed, implemented and monitored throughout Poland. At the national level, both the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Environment have introduced a number of key policy directives related to the green economy. At the local level, voivodeships play a critical role in the implementation of many environmental policies and programmes. Within Poland, Pomorskie is positioned to provide substantial influence on the future of blue and green policies.


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