Getting Skills Right: Skills for Jobs Indicators

image of Getting Skills Right: Skills for Jobs Indicators

This report describes the construction of the database of skill needs indicators, i.e. the OECD Skills for Jobs Database, and presents initial results and analysis. It identifies the existing knowledge gaps concerning skills imbalances, providing the rationale for the development of the new skill needs and mismatch indicators. Moreover, it explains the methodology used to measure skills shortage, surplus and mismatch, and provides key results and insights from the data.


Skill needs and mismatch indicators: Methodology

This chapter describes the methods used to develop the OECD Skills for Jobs indicators. It presents the structure of the different indicators as well as the data used in the computations, the assumptions that give grounding to each index and sub-index as well as the stages involved in the creation of the complete dataset of skills imbalances across countries. The chapter also discusses the challenges that were encountered and the solutions presented in the various steps of the construction of the composite indicators of skills imbalances.


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