OECD Employment Policy Papers

  • Discontinued
The Employment Policy Papers broadly examine how public policies at national, regional and local levels can support job creation, including through entrepreneurship development in support of business start-ups and self-employment from disadvantaged or under-represented social groups. The first set of papers focus on inclusive entrepreneurship, by target group or policy instrument. The Policy Employment Papers are available in English and French.


Entrepreneurial Activities in Europe - Finance for Inclusive Entrepreneurship

More than one-third of the European Union’s adult population would rather be self-employed than an employee if given the chance to choose, according to the 2012 Flash Eurobarometer survey. At the same time, there is a large entrepreneurial potential in social groups that are either disadvantaged in the labour market (e.g. youth, migrants, and the low-skilled) or underrepresented in the entrepreneurial population (e.g. women and seniors). Inclusive entrepreneurship policies aim to give the opportunity for people from these groups to start-up in business and self-employment both for economic reasons and to support the goal of social inclusion.


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