Engaging Employers in Apprenticeship Opportunities

Making It Happen Locally

image of Engaging Employers in Apprenticeship Opportunities

This joint OECD-ILO publication provides guidance on how local and regional governments can foster business-education partnerships in apprenticeship programmes and other types of work-based learning, drawing on case studies across nine countries. There has been increasing interest in apprenticeships which combine on the job training with classroom-based study, providing a smooth transition from school to work. There are benefits to both individuals and employers from participating in apprenticeships, including increased productivity and job quality. Successful implementation is contingent on having a high level of employer engagement at the local level, notably in the design, development and delivery of programmes.



Apprenticeships in the formal and informal economy at the local level in Bangladesh

This chapter analyses two case studies of apprenticeship programme design and delivery in the context of the formal and informal economy of Bangladesh. It analyses the methods of improving participation and deepening employer engagement in order to build skills in a context of a labour market with low levels of skill and high levels of informality. Specific challenges and lessons for other emerging economies are also addressed.


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