Employment and Skills Strategies in Slovenia

image of Employment and Skills Strategies in Slovenia

This report takes a case study approach, analysing the management and implementation of policies in the Drava and South-East regions of Slovenia. It provides a comparative framework to understand the role of the local labour market policy in matching people to jobs, engaging employers in skills development activities, as well as fostering new growth and economic development opportunities. It includes practical policy examples of actions taken in Slovenia to help workers find better quality jobs, while also stimulating productivity and inclusion.



While Slovenia was severely hit by the global financial crisis, the government responded with a number of reforms aimed at supporting domestic growth and demand. Labour market conditions are improving and the economic recovery that started to take effect in 2014 has helped to bring unemployment down to 8.0% in 2016 from a peak of 10% in 2013. However, vulnerabilities remain in the labour market, particularly in view of the low participation rate of older workers and the prevalence of skills shortages and mismatches in certain occupations. For these reasons, implementing effective employment and skills strategies at the local level is key to stimulate inclusive growth and generate more and better quality jobs for all Slovenians.


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