Employment and Skills Strategies in Canada

image of Employment and Skills Strategies in Canada

This report delivers evidence-based and practical recommendations on how to better support employment and economic development in Canada. It builds on sub-national data analysis and consultations with local stakeholders in four case study areas across Ontario and Quebec. It provides a comparative framework to understand the role of the local level in contributing to more and better quality jobs. The report can help federal, provincial, local policy makers in Canada build effective and sustainable partnerships at the local level, which join-up efforts and achieve stronger outcomes across employment, training, and economic development policies. Co-ordinated policies can help workers find suitable jobs, while also stimulating entrepreneurship and productivity, which increases the quality of life and prosperity within a community as well as throughout the country.

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Executive summary

While the global recession placed significant pressure on the Canadian economy, the impact was mild compared to other OECD countries. That said, growth remains modest, and a number of groups, including the long-term unemployed, youth, women, disabled persons, immigrants and older workers, face a number of barriers to re-entering the labour market. Employment and training policies must continue to seek ways to activate these groups, while promoting economic growth and productivity.

English Also available in: French

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