Employment and Skills Strategies in Australia

image of Employment and Skills Strategies in Australia

Employment and Skills Strategies in Australia focuses on the role of local employment and training agencies in contributing to job creation and productivity. It looks at the role of Local Employment Coordinators, introduced by the Department of Employment to work in 20 "priority employment areas" which were identified as needing extra assistance following the global financial crisis. This report is part of a comparative OECD review of local job creation policies, which explores how countries are putting measures in place at the local level to stimulate quality employment, social inclusion and growth.



Policy context for employment and skills in Australia

This chapter provides an overview of Australia’s employment and skills system. While the global financial crisis placed significant pressure on the Australian economy, it has remained resilient due to a sound macroeconomic framework and continued robust demand for commodities. Employment policies are managed at the national level by the Department of Employment and delivered through an outsourced network of service providers (Job Services Australia). In response to the crisis, Australia implemented a series of measures aimed at stimulating employment in areas most vulnerable to future downturns. This included the introduction of local employment co-ordinators, who identify the needs of local areas and match them with employment, education and training opportunities.


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