Multi-factor productivity (Edition 2013)

This dataset includes comparable rates of change of Multi-factor Productivity for the total economy, computed as the difference between the rate of change of output and the rate of change of total inputs; shares of compensation of labour input and of capital inputs in total costs for the total economy measured at current prices (compensation of labour input corresponds to the compensation of employees and self-employed persons and compensation of capital input is the value of capital services); and total inputs calculated as volume indices of combined labour and capital inputs for the total economy. The indices have been constructed as weighted averages of the rate of change of total hours worked and the rate of change of capital services. Thus, the core variables used this table in order to assess productivity are growth of capital input, growth of labour input, growth of multifactor productivity, growth of GDP, and share of labour costs which are all measured in percentages. Data are presented from 1985 onwards.

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Keywords: statistics, multifactor productivity