Employment Protection Legislation: Strictness of employment protection legislation: collective dismissals (Edition 2021)

This dataset contains the indicator of strictness of employment protection for collective dismissals (additional provisions). This indicator measures additional costs and procedures involved in dismissing more than one worker at a time (compared with the cost of individual dismissal). As such, it should not be used in isolation from the indicator of strictness of employment protection – individual dismissals (regular contracts).

The OECD indicators of employment protection are synthetic indicators of the strictness of regulation on dismissals and the use of temporary contracts. For each year, indicators refer to regulation in force on the 1st of January. Data range from 0 to 6 with higher scores representing stricter regulation.


Keywords: national legislation, synthetic indicators, labour regulation, strictness of legislation, statistics, dismissals, employment protection legislation, collective dismissals, employment, strict regulation, rigidness