City of Talent Montreal

An Action Plan for Boosting Employment, Innovation and Skills

image of City of Talent Montreal

Montreal has huge potential to become one of the most dynamic cities across OECD countries, thanks to its talented and creative population. Yet the city has not demonstrated outstanding results in terms of job creation and collective wealth generation in the past few years. This report examines this paradox and suggests new strategies to improve local outcomes in terms of employment, innovation and skills, and to boost inclusive economic growth and innovation across the Quebec metropolis.

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An action plan for Montreal

An ambitious strategy taking simultaneous, co-ordinated action in a number of policy areas could help to strenghten the capacity of the Montreal economy to innovate and create high-quality jobs. This strategy will leverage Montreal’s core asset – talent – and will seek to develop it further and build on it. The action should be led by an array of stakeholders acting in a new partnership framework. This chapter proposes an action plan for Montreal and its partners based on the analysis presented in this report.

English Also available in: French

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