Career Guidance for Adults in a Changing World of Work

image of Career Guidance for Adults in a Changing World of Work

Career guidance is a fundamental policy lever to help adults successfully navigate a constantly evolving labour market through advice and information on job and training opportunities. The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the importance of career guidance services. Many adults have lost their jobs and require assistance navigating their career options in a changing labour market, where firms are likely to accelerate the adoption of digital technologies in the name of pandemic-proofing. But compared to career guidance services for youth, services for adults receive relatively little policy attention, and little is known of how often existing services are used. This report scopes out initiatives in the area of career guidance for adults in OECD countries, drawing lessons on how to strengthen adult career guidance systems in terms of coverage and inclusiveness, provision and service delivery, quality and impact, and governance and funding. The findings of the report build on the information collected through the 2020 Survey of Career Guidance for Adults (SCGA), an online survey of adults’ experience with career guidance.


Online career guidance portals

Online Education Counselling Austria (Online-Bildungsberatung Österreich) targets adults with questions on education and occupational issues. All advisory services are confidential and free of charge. Another portal (erwachsenenbildung.at) is a one‑stop-shop for every individual looking for online career or educational guidance, financing, education offers, information connected to the (late) completion of an interrupted official qualification and the recognition of prior learning. The portal also includes specific support to low educated learners, e.g. “learning to learn”, where users receive assistance in overcoming their fear to go back to learning, for example if they previously had negative experiences in a learning environment.


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