Business Dynamics and Productivity

image of Business Dynamics and Productivity

This publication focuses on business dynamics across eight countries (Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, United Kingdom) and over time, building upon the evidence collected in the framework of the OECD DynEmp project for 22 countries. It provides new evidence on firms’ heterogeneous responses to shocks (notably the recent financial crisis) in order to evaluate how policies and framework conditions across different firms and countries can foster both employment and productivity growth.



Executive summary

Business dynamics plays an important role not only as a driver of job creation but also as an engine of reallocation and productivity growth. This book aims at providing new evidence on business dynamics from different countries and at shedding new light on the heterogeneous responses of firms to economic shocks, with a particular focus on the impact of the last decade’s global financial crisis. All chapters in this book highlight the importance of going beyond the average firm paradigm when analysing business dynamics, accounting for different firm characteristics such as size, age, ownership and trade status.


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