Building Inclusive Labour Markets in Kazakhstan

A Focus on Youth, Older Workers and People with Disabilities

image of Building Inclusive Labour Markets in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan has made major economic and social advances in the past decade and a half. Yet, Kazakhstan needs to sustain high growth rates in the future to converge towards the living standards of OECD countries. This report provides a review of the labour market and social policies that could help Kazakhstan in its dual objectives of building more inclusive labour markets, while maintaining a path of strong growth. It explores the role that institutions and policies play in helping vulnerable groups to access gainful and productive jobs, particularly focusing on three key groups: youth, older workers, and people with disabilities, and provides a comprehensive set of policies to increase the employment and employability of these groups. Evaluations and lessons from innovative experiences in OECD and other countries are used to formulate recommendations tailored to Kazakhstan.


Working longer with age: Strengthening the labour market outcomes of older workers in Kazakhstan

Older workers in Kazakhstan are often an untapped resource and their potential value is not fully utilised in the labour market. Many older people are inactive compared to OECD countries; very few continue working beyond retirement age, and when they do it is often in the informal sector of the economy. This chapter analyses the reasons for older workers’ underrepresentation in the labour market, looking at four main issues: i) the demographic challenge and its impact on the employment prospects of older workers; ii) the policies that are needed to strengthen the “employability” of older workers; iii) the demand-side barriers to the hiring and retention of older workers; and iv) the policies that can make work rewarding for older workers, notably the design of the old-age pension system, as well as official and de facto early retirement schemes.


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