Building engagement and healthy organisations

Validation of the Nordic Questionnaire on Positive Organisational Psychology (N-POP). The Third Report from the Nordic Project

image of Building engagement and healthy organisations

The main aim of the project was to investigate the predictors of positive work-related states and attitudes, e.g. work engagement, meaning at work and personal growth, and healthy organisations. A questionnaire on these positive factors at work were pilot-tested through a data collection in chosen companies in Norway and Sweden. The results of these studies were used as a base for a preliminary validation of the Nordic Questionnaire on Positive Organisational Psychology (N-POP) published in this report. It is concluded that the N-POP constitutes a reliable and valid instrument. The concluding summary suggests that the concepts of work environment, health and productivity do indeed seem able to flow together to reach an optimal point at which well-being at the individual level is coexistent with efficient and productive work organisations.



Descriptions of concepts underlying the scales included in the N-POP

Cohesion has traditionally been defined as a unitary construct (Mullen & Copper, 1994; Zaccaro, 1991) and tended to reflect Festinger’s (1950) notion that cohesion is “the total field of forces which act on members to remain in the group. These forces may depend on the attractiveness or unattractiveness of either the prestige of the group, members of the group, or the activities in which the group engages” (p. 274). In this project cooperation was measured by three items based on the measurement of cohesion in work teams from Carless and DePaola (2000) and three items measuring “social community” from COPSOQ (Pejtersen, Kristensen, Borg, & Bjørner, 2010) that were collapsed into a single scale.


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