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image of Getting Skills Right: Future-Ready Adult Learning Systems

Getting Skills Right: Future-Ready Adult Learning Systems

With digitalisation, deepening globalisation and population ageing, the world of work is changing. The extent to which individuals, firms and economies can harness the benefits of these changes critically depends on the readiness of adult learning...
image of Settling In 2018

Settling In 2018

This joint publication by the OECD and the European Commission presents a comprehensive international comparison across all EU, OECD and G20 countries of the integration outcomes for immigrants and their children, through 25 indicators organised...
image of Recruiting Immigrant Workers: Korea 2019

Recruiting Immigrant Workers: Korea 2019

The Korean labour migration system has expanded since the mid-2000s, primarily in the admission of temporary foreign workers for less skilled jobs. Its temporary labour programme, addressed largely at SMEs in manufacturing and based on bilateral...
image of OECD Skills Strategy Flanders

OECD Skills Strategy Flanders

Migration has been at the centre of political debate across the OECD in recent years. Drawing on data from the OECD Survey of Adult Skills (PIAAC), this report provides new evidence on differences in migrants’ characteristics and contexts and...
image of Higher Education in Mexico

Higher Education in Mexico

This report finds that the Mexican higher education system needs to be better aligned with the labour market to help students develop the skills employers seek. Students need better support to succeed in their higher education studies and develop...
image of Working Better with Age: Japan

Working Better with Age: Japan

Currently, Japan has the highest old-age dependency ratio of all OECD countries, with a ratio in 2017 of over 50 persons aged 65 and above for every 100 persons aged 20 to 64. This ratio is projected to rise to 79 per hundred in 2050. The rapid...
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