Assessing Canada’s System of Impact Evaluation of Active Labour Market Policies

image of Assessing Canada’s System of Impact Evaluation of Active Labour Market Policies

This report on Canada is the ninth country study published in a series of reports on policies to connect people with jobs. It provides an assessment of Employment and Social Development Canada’s system of impact evaluation of active labour market policies (ALMPs). It reviews the use of linked administrative data and quasi-experimental methods to conduct impact evaluations and cost-benefit analysis of ALMPs. The process of quality assurance and communication of the results of the evaluations are also assessed. The report highlights areas of good practice which could be useful for other countries and offers recommendations to build on the good work already carried out by Canada.


Communication and evidence‑based policy making

Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) has committed to an open and transparent appraisal of its policies. It routinely publishes its impact assessments on the Canadian Government websites and makes efforts to present technical and non-technical summaries of its impact assessments. Evaluation is conducted separately for Provinces and Territories (PTs), enabling evaluation results to be shared that speak to local effects of active labour market policy. Working relationships with PTs developed over years of collaboration facilitate the smooth transfer of knowledge between federal and provincial government. Analytical teams make efforts to share research with external technical working groups. Minor changes to how ESDC presents the information to the public, in order to better frame key messages coming from the analysis, may help to communicate analysis even more effectively and to a broader audience.


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