Ageing and Employment Policies: Denmark 2015

Working Better with Age

image of Ageing and Employment Policies: Denmark 2015

Given the ageing challenges, there is an increasing pressure in OECD countries to promote longer working lives. This report provides an overview of policy initiatives implemented in Denmark over the past decade. Even if these recent reforms are well in line with the recommendations of the 2005 OECD report Ageing and Employment Policies: Denmark, the focus has been put mainly on the supply side. The aim of this new report is to identify what more could be done to promote longer working lives. As a first step, the government should assess closely the implementation process to ensure that the expected outcomes of the reforms are achieved. More broadly, the strategy should act simultaneously in three areas by: i) strengthening incentives to carry on working; ii) tackling employment barriers on the side of employers; and iii) improving the employability of older workers.



Strengthening the employability of older workers in Denmark

This chapter examines the skills and health factors as well as the working conditions that need to be met with regard to older people in order to make longer working careers a reality. The relationship between skills proficiency and age in what is now a technology-rich environment is scrutinised, as well as perceptions of and motivations for work-related training. The discussion then turns to the importance of health and safety, attention to special needs, and access to flexible working arrangements in preventing attrition of older workers – all reflected in the Senior Starter Kit guide for employers. The roles of unemployment insurance funds (UIFs) and jobcentres are reviewed, and “seniorjobs” and “flexjobs” defined. Main elements of the Koch Commission’s proposed reforms of activation policies to strengthen the focus on enterprises’ labour needs are enumerated. The chapter concludes with an innovation in Denmark that engages the older unemployed themselves in job search: senior networks.




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