Trends Shaping Education 2016

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Did you ever wonder if education has a role to play in stemming the obesity epidemic sweeping across all OECD countries? Or what the impact of increasing urbanisation might be on our schools, families, and communities? Or whether new technologies really are fundamentally changing the way our children think and learn?

Trends Shaping Education examines major trends affecting the future of education and sets the background on upcoming challenges for policy makers and education providers alike. This work does not give conclusive answers: it is not an analytical report nor is it a statistical compendium, and it is certainly not a statement of OECD policy on these different developments. It is instead a stimulus for thinking about major tendencies that have the potential to influence education, and conversely, the potential of education to influence these trends.

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Centre for Educational Research and Innovation

Globalisation trends: A visual overview – a display of the trends in this chapter and the connections between them. Global integration and governance – discusses the steady transition to more democratic governments worldwide and the global expansion of multinational companies. People on the move – focuses on the increase in the share of immigrants and the changing nature and authorisation of dual-citizenships. Interconnected financial markets – the increase in the share of foreign direct investment has been accompanied by a rise in exports, especially in middle-income countries. Increasing affluence, increasing inequality – as the income gap widens within regions, GDP per capita is widening between low-income, middle-income and OECD countries. The global threat of climate change – the rise in greenhouse gas emissions and the potential of renewable energies. Infographic: Globalisation and education – a visual exploration of the links between the trends in this chapter and education.

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