Think Scenarios, Rethink Education

image of Think Scenarios, Rethink Education
This volume of the Schooling for Tomorrow series goes beyond the OECD’s own set of educational futures already published. It discusses how to develop scenarios and use them to address the challenges confronting policy and practice. Its chapters give both authoritative scholarly overviews and very practical lessons to be applied, including from Jay Ogilvy, a prominent exponent of scenario thinking for the business world, and school change expert Michael Fullan. This book is relevant for the many – policy makers, school leaders and teachers – concerned with the long-term future of education.

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The Netherlands

Futures Thinking in Innovation, School Organisation and Leadership Development

Centre for Educational Research and Innovation

The Dutch government’s steering philosophy in education has combined decentralisation and more autonomy for schools, with a greater influence of the stakeholders – parents, students and the local community. Innovation means that schools have the ability to organise their classroom teaching differently, not following a new “grand design” for teaching.

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