The Future of Mexican Higher Education

Promoting Quality and Equity

image of The Future of Mexican Higher Education

This review of higher education policy in Mexico was requested by the Mexican Ministry of Education to take stock of progress since the last OECD review of the higher education system in Mexico, published in 2008, and to support development of the new government’s National Development Plan and Sectoral Education Programme. 

The report examines the state of the higher education sector in Mexico and analyses key policies implemented by the federal and state governments. It assesses national governance and co-operation structures that help to guide the higher education system, and the relevance of existing national strategies. It also looks at public funding of higher education institutions, how the quality of higher education programmes is assured; and the extent to which the higher education system contributes to equity. The report concludes by exploring two key sectors of higher education: teacher education colleges and professional and technical institutions.   

A companion volume focusing on the labour market relevance and outcomes of higher education is also available: Higher Education in Mexico: Labour Market Relevance and Outcomes.  

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Higher education in Mexico has expanded rapidly in recent years. Between 2007 and 2017 tertiary attainment among young adults increased from 16% to 23%. Although this is still well below the OECD average of 44%, Mexico has made considerable efforts to expand and diversify provision of higher education through public institutions. Investments and financial aid programmes have helped increase the accessibility of higher education in regions and among population groups that were previously underserved. Nevertheless, the 13 public and private subsystems of Mexican higher education continue to face numerous challenges. These relate, in particular, to the quality and relevance of the learning opportunities they provide and their ability to reach students from all parts of Mexican society.

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