The Experience of New Teachers

Results from TALIS 2008

image of The Experience of New Teachers

This publication provides a comprehensive analysis of the most important issues facing teachers during the early stages of their careers. The effectiveness of teachers fresh to the profession is an important policy issue, especially knowing the impact that teachers have on student learning.

The OECD’s Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS) is the first and only international survey on the conditions of teaching and learning. This report uses the TALIS 2008 dataset to analyse key aspects of new teachers’ work and highlight policy implications.


Support and Development Initiatives for New Teachers

A central policy issue for many countries is the support and development available for new teachers. This chapter analyses the appraisal and feedback received by new teachers and looks at the impact it has on the teaching of new teachers. Issue such as the frequency of teacher appraisal and feedback and its focus are discussed. Chapter 3 also studies the professional development undertaken by new teachers and analyses the amount and type of professional development undertaken. Attention is given both to the professional development needs expressed by new teachers, which is an important issue to policymakers. Considerable analysis is devoted to the reports of new teachers compared to more experience teachers.




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