Teacher Evaluation in Chile 2013

image of Teacher Evaluation in Chile 2013

This book provides, from an international perspective, an independent analysis of major issues facing teacher evaluation, current policy initiatives, and possible future approaches in Chile.



The teaching profession and teacher evaluation

Teacher evaluation develops in a context of considerable national policy attention to improving teacher quality. This is reflected in significant initiatives in the following areas: attracting the best secondary education graduates to initial teacher education; improving the quality of initial teacher education; developing teaching and school leadership standards; creating a teacher career structure; and improving retention by rewarding quality teachers and school leaders. As a result, the government accords great importance to teacher evaluation within the general education improvement agenda. Chile has developed a national framework defining standards for the teaching profession, the Good Teaching Framework, as of 2003. It also established the teacher performance evaluation system (also referred to as Docentemás) within the municipal school sector in 2003 following a tripartite agreement between the Ministry of Education, the Chilean Association of Municipalities and the Teachers’ Association (Colegio de Profesores). This system is complemented by a range of reward programmes which involve some type of evaluation: the Programme for the Variable Individual Performance Allowance (municipal sector only) (AVDI); the Programme for the Accreditation of Pedagogical Excellence Allowance (covering the entire subsidised school sector) (AEP); and the National System for Performance Evaluation (SNED), which provides group rewards for teaching bodies of given publicly subsidised schools. In addition to these formal programmes, private schools (both subsidised and non-subsidised) autonomously organise their own performance teacher evaluation systems and any school is free to organise extra internal systems of teacher evaluation.


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