TALIS 2013 Results

An International Perspective on Teaching and Learning

image of TALIS 2013 Results

How can countries prepare teachers to face the diverse challenges in today’s schools?  The OECD Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS) helps answer this question by asking teachers and school leaders about their working conditions and the learning environments at their schools. TALIS aims to provide valid, timely and comparable information to help countries review and define policies for developing a high-quality teaching profession. It is an opportunity for teachers and school leaders to provide input into educational policy analysis and development in key areas.  This report presents the results of the second cycle of the TALIS survey conducted in 2013.

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Technical notes on sampling procedures and response rates for TALIS 2013

The objective of the Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS) in 2013 was to obtain, in each participating country, a representative sample of teachers for each ISCED level in which the country participated. Moreover, a representative sample of teachers teaching students of the appropriate age in schools selected for Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) in 2012 was required for each country that opted to participate in the TALIS-PISA link. TALIS 2013 identified policy issues that encompass the classroom, teachers, schools and school management, so the coverage of TALIS 2013 extends to all teachers of each concerned ISCED level and to the principals of the schools where they teach. The international sampling plan prepared for TALIS 2013 used a stratified two-stage probability sampling design. This means that teachers (second stage units, or secondary sampling units) were to be randomly selected from the list of in-scope teachers in each of the randomly selected schools (first stage units, or primary sampling units). A more detailed description of the survey design and its implementation can be found in the TALIS Technical Report (2014).

English Also available in: French


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