TALIS 2008 Technical Report

image of TALIS 2008 Technical Report

The OECD’s new Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS) has been designed to provide data and analyses on the conditions needed for effective teaching and learning in schools. As the first international survey with this focus, it seeks to fill important information gaps that have been identified at the national and international levels of education systems.

This TALIS Technical Report describes the development of the TALIS instruments and methods used in sampling, data collection, scaling and data analysis phases of the first round of the survey. It also explains the rigorous quality control programme that operated during the survey process, which included numerous partners and external experts from around the world.

The information in this report complements the first international report from TALIS, Creating Effective Teaching and Learning Environments: First Results from TALIS (OECD, 2009) and the User Guide for the TALIS International Database.


Development of Teacher and Principal Questionnaires

In order to establish goals for the development of the teacher and principal questionnaires, the TALIS Board of Participating Countries (BPC) conducted a priority rating exercise (see Chapter 2). To translate these goals into survey analysis plans and survey questionnaires (i.e. the Teacher and Principal Questionnaires), an Instrument Development Expert Group (IDEG) was established in conjunction with the BPC. This chapter explains in detail the frameworks guiding the questionnaire development for each of the main themes covered by the first TALIS survey: teacher background characteristics and professional development; principal and school background characteristics; school leadership and management; appraisal of and feedback to teachers; and teaching practices, attitudes and beliefs.


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