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Institutional Management in Higher Education

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Previously published as Higher Education Management, Higher Education Management and Policy (HEMP) is published three times each year and is edited by the OECD’s Programme on Institutional Management in Higher Education. It covers the field through articles and reports on such issues as quality assurance, human resources, funding, and internationalisation. It also is a source of information on activities and events organised by OECD’s IMHE Programme.

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Keywords: university, policy, administration, institutional, higher, education, practical, practice, management, policies, tertiary

System accreditation

an innovative approach to assure and develop the quality of study programmes in Germany

Institutional Management in Higher Education

“System accreditation” is a new approach developed for German universities to conduct the mandatory accreditation of all their study programmes. A pilot project at Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz is playing an important role in paving the way for this alternative to prevailing programme accreditation. This article describes how system accreditation, an innovative approach towards organisational adaption to national regulations, was conceived and how it functions. Based on the experience of Johannes Gutenberg University, the article explores the potential of system accreditation to improve quality assurance and the development of study programmes. System accreditation faces three global challenges: that of creating an integrated approach, establishing a solid evidence base and fostering the effectiveness of evaluation efforts.


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