Strong Foundations for Quality and Equity in Mexican Schools

image of Strong Foundations for Quality and Equity in Mexican Schools

This report presents an assessment of Mexico's recent education reforms. Education systems worldwide require continued policy efforts in essential areas to improve student learning, such as: the need to prioritise equity; providing learning environments that are fit for the 21st century; ensuring that schools are run and staffed by high-quality professionals who are well supported; and designing evaluation and assessment frameworks that support schools and assist policy makers in promoting effective student learning and quality of education for all. Mexico's education system has evolved in this direction, but many of the recent reforms need time to mature and flexibility to be adjusted to ensure schools can deliver quality education.

In Mexico, like in many other countries, there is a considerable distance between national policy making and the learning that happens in schools. Closing this gap requires substantial resources, capacity and support from state authorities, who have an important role to play as operators of the system, as well as from education stakeholders across the country. In complex education systems, implementation is not only about executing the policy but also building and fine-tuning it collaboratively. This OECD report aims to support Mexico in this endeavour.



Focusing evaluation and assessment on schools and student learning

This chapter discusses the role that evaluation and assessment practices have in supporting student learning, schools and the education system in Mexico. In particular, this chapter reviews efforts towards increasing and establishing evaluation and assessment processes at the national level with a National System (SNEE) underpinned by the INEE and the SEP; the contribution that the National Plan for Students’ Learning Evaluations PLANEA can have in bringing the benefits of standardised student assessments results in the classroom; and the substantial progress Mexico has made in gathering data and information for guiding policy makers, educational actors and the general public in education policy. The chapter concludes with recommendations for future policy development to enhance the contribution of evaluation and assessment practices to student learning and the operation of schools.


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