Strategic Asset Management for Tertiary Institutions

Programme on Educational Building

Universities and other tertiary institutions maintain buildings, sites and communications infrastructure worth many millions of dollars. A more strategic approach to asset management is essential for success in a new environment, where tertiary education is becoming increasingly competitive, direct public funding is being cut back and technology and globalisation are bringing new challenges. What impact will new information technology have on space requirements? What steps can institutional managers take to manage risks in rapidly-changing circumstances? In what ways is the role of facilities managers changing, and what skills and tools will be required for them to do their job more effectively in the future? This book provides some answers to these questions and shows how the resources invested in facilities can be made to work more efficiently in the pursuit of institutional objectives. It is based on the proceedings of an international workshop that examined current trends in tertiary education policy: a more open market, student-centredness and user choice, lifelong learning and the blurring of sectoral differences.

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