Scotland’s Curriculum for Excellence

Into the Future

image of Scotland’s Curriculum for Excellence

Students in Scotland (United Kingdom) engage in learning through Curriculum for Excellence (CfE), which aims to provide them with a holistic, coherent, and future-oriented approach to learning between the ages of 3 and 18. CfE offers an inspiring and widely supported philosophy of education. Schools design their own curriculum based on a common framework which allows for effective curricular practices. In 2020, Scotland invited the OECD to assess the implementation of CfE in primary and secondary schools to understand how school curricula have been designed and implemented in recent years. This report analyses the progress made with CfE since 2015, building upon several months of observations in Scotland, the existing literature and experiences from other OECD countries. The OECD analysis and recommendations aim to support Scotland as it further enhances CfE to achieve its potential for the present and future of its learners. Just as Scotland’s Curriculum for Excellence was among the pioneers of 21st century learning, its most recent developments hold valuable lessons for other education systems and their own curriculum policies.


Stakeholder engagement at the heart of Scotland’s Curriculum for Excellence

In Scotland (United Kingdom), significant efforts have been made to engage stakeholders throughout the lifecycle of Curriculum for Excellence (CfE). Such efforts have contributed to its success. The great degree of stakeholder involvement around CfE has created the conditions for shared ownership and wide support of CfE’s vision. However, progress is required at the system level so stakeholders are fully empowered and engaged in the decision-making process. This chapter analyses the progress made and pending issues of engagement in stakeholder involvement, transparency of responsibilities and communication.



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