Reviews of National Policies for Education: Tertiary Education in Chile 2009

image of Reviews of National Policies for Education: Tertiary Education in Chile 2009

This joint OECD and World Bank review gives a brief overview of post-secondary education in Chile and describes its development over the past twenty years. It presents an analysis of the system and identifies key directions for policy reform in light of the challenges encountered by officials, communities, enterprises, educators, parents and students. It concludes with a set of key recommendations concerning the structure of the system and its labour market relevance; access and equity, governance and management; research, development and innovation; internationalisation; and financing.

English Also available in: Spanish


This chapter gives a description of the national context for the review, including the Chilean education system as a whole and how Chile fares in international education comparisons. It describes the tertiary education system, covering such aspects as its purpose and objectives; recent history and development; principal national agencies; types of tertiary institution; the make-up of the student population; access and admission to tertiary education; tertiary curricula; tertiary education and the labour market; the system’s regional role; funding and staffing; quality assurance; governance; internationalisation; and research and development. The chapter concludes by listing the recommendations concerning higher education in OECD’s 2004 review of Chile’s National Education Policies.


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