Reviews of National Policies for Education: Tertiary Education and Research in the Russian Federation 1999

The speed, nature and uncertainty of economic, social and political developments in the Russian Federation continue to pose enormous challenges for tertiary education and research activities in universities, higher level vocational schools and institutes of the academies of sciences. These challenges are shaping the strategies for needed reforms to widen further learning opportunities at the tertiary education level, improve the quality and extend the reach of research and boost the contributions of tertiary-level education and research to improved economic performance and social well-being. This book is based on one of the most recent, broadly-based and forward-looking analyses of these developments and pressures and takes account of the specific structures, strengths and traditions in tertiary education and research in the Russian Federation. It offers a set of general directions and specific recommendations for policies to address key issues of access, quality and standards in teaching; new directions to diversify and deliver tertiary education; the quality of research in academic and research establishments; and reforms in the governance, management and financing of teaching and research. This review of tertiary education and research policies follows an earlier examination of general education, Reviews of National Policies for Education: Russian Federation.

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