Reviews of National Policies for Education: South Africa 2008

image of Reviews of National Policies for Education: South Africa 2008

Gives a brief overview of regional issues and the history of education in South Africa and describes the development of education in the country over the past 15 years. It presents an analysis of the education system, identifying key directions for the reinforcement of the reforms in light of the challenges encountered by officials, communities, enterprises, educators, parents and students under very dynamic conditions. It concludes with a set of key recommendations concerning the structure of the system and its labour market relevance; access and equity; financing; governance and management; internationalisation; and research, development and innovation.



Part One

Country Background Report – South African Education

The review of South Africa’s education policies by the Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) will undoubtedly make an important contribution to policy debates and reviews of education both within and outside government in South Africa.


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