Reviews of National Policies for Education: Secondary Education in Kazakhstan

image of Reviews of National Policies for Education: Secondary Education in Kazakhstan

This report evaluates the education reform agenda of Kazakhstan – its feasibility and focus – by taking stock of present-day strengths and weaknesses of the secondary education system. The report also provides guidance on adjusting the reform implementation plans in line with international experiences and best practices regarding educational change, and consolidates much of the previously dispersed (national) data on primary and secondary schools in Kazakhstan  into a common analytical base of evidence, validated by the education authorities.

Chapter 1 of this report provides an overview of the country, it education system and reform plans. Subsequent chapters provide analysis of and recommendations on equity and effectiveness of schooling; assessment and evaluation practices; policies for teachers and principals; expenditure patterns and financing mechanisms; vocational education and training; and a summary of the recommendations.



Education expenditure and financing mechanisms in Kazakhstan

Chapter 5 provides an overview of the macroeconomic context in which financing for education in Kazakhstan takes place, discusses current and historic expenditure on education in the country and benchmarks it against other countries, and analyses resource allocations for education reform vs. need for resources in the public school network. The chapter further discusses the current financing mechanisms and the plans of the State authorities to introduce per capita funding to remedy their shortcomings. It provides recommendations on adjusting expenditure levels, the pace and focus of reform plans and spending priorities. Last but not least, it consolidates large number of data and information on expenditure from various national sources into a single source of evidence on the current state of play.


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