Reviews of National Policies for Education: Basic Education in Turkey 2007

This review of education policies in Turkey takes place at a critical point in the nation’s history. An improving economy, greater governmental continuity and a more stable social environment, coupled with the extraordinary challenge of Turkey’s candidacy for EU accession, provide an unprecedented opportunity for a new phase of education reform. Over the past decade, Turkey has pursued a striking education reform agenda focused on implementing eight-year basic and compulsory education and increasing the participation of girls at the primary education level. The nation must now complement the drive for increasing enrolments and participation with efforts to improve quality. To reach the levels of education attainment and performance of the most advanced countries in Europe and OECD, Turkey must undertake sustained, multi-year, systemic reforms of its education system.

26 Oct 2007 166 pages English 9789264030206 (PDF)

Author(s): OECD