Responding to Student Expectations

Institutional Management in Higher Education

Today’s university students are drawn from a highly diverse set of backgrounds. Students appear in various guises as citizens, consumers, and clients. They are fitting university study around increasingly busy lives, often alongside paid employment. In many countries students are paying more for their university education, and expect high levels of standards and service.

Universities are institutions with multiple roles, and must balance the needs and demands of their students with the expectations placed upon them by government, industry and the wider community. Such a balance must be struck in the face of increasing pressure on university budgets. Effective action to meet student expectations therefore poses major management challenges for universities.

This volume arises from two seminars, held in Brisbane and Paris respectively, to examine some of the key issues facing universities as they confront these challenges. It offers perspectives and experience drawn from contributors from Australia, Europe and Canada, including the views of student leaders.

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