Redefining Tertiary Education

Given the current trends and developments across OECD Member countries, a new and dynamic vision for tertiary education is called for. Higher levels of participation at the tertiary level, driven strongly by demands reflecting the diverse interests of students, employers and society at large, have created challenges which must be met. How should tertiary education better respond to the interests and choices of clients, students foremost among them? What should be done to adapt teaching methods or restructure the curricula? How should the needs of those not currently served in the first years of tertiary education be addressed? How should governments interact with large, diverse tertiary education systems, comprised of varied and increasingly autonomous providers? This volume also examines how best to mobilize the energies and expertise of staffs and institutions as well as partners, and how to secure adequate resources and improve efficiency in the face of greater competition for public funds.

The findings, analyses and conclusions presented in this publication will serve as a basis for debate, reflection and exchange as all parties seek to strengthen and extend the contributions of tertiary education to economic and social well-being for all.

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