Quality Matters in Early Childhood Education and Care: Finland 2012

image of Quality Matters in Early Childhood Education and Care: Finland 2012

This report reviews quality in childhood education and care in Finland. It suggest strengths and point to areas for further reflection on current policy initiatives.



Where does Finland stand compared to other countries?

Finland’s ECEC workforce has several strengths, such as a high qualification level of staff with teaching responsibilities, advanced professional development opportunities and favourable working environments. Staff with teaching responsibilities are well educated and trained with high initial qualification requirements. There is broad provision of initial education, with full-time and parttime programmes provided publicly and privately. Professional development is mandatory for all staff; and training costs are shared between individual staff members, the government and employers. Professional development is offered by a range of providers, with different modes, on a variety of topics. Working conditions in terms of staff-child ratio are among the best of OECD countries.


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