Quality and Recognition in Higher Education

The Cross-border Challenge

image of Quality and Recognition in Higher Education

With rapid growth in cross-border education and developments such as e-learning, for-profit providers, and remote campuses challenging accreditation frameworks, this book examines the situation in Canada, the United States, Europe, Australia, and Japan with a view towards working with UNESCO on a set of guidelines on quality provision in cross-border higher education.

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Executive Summary

Centre for Educational Research and Innovation

Over the last two decades, cross-border education (through student, programme or institutional mobility) and professional mobility have grown considerably. In parallel, new cross-border providers and delivery modes have appeared, such as for-profit providers, campuses abroad and e-learning. These trends challenge existing national frameworks for quality assurance, accreditation and recognition of qualifications, which are often not geared to addressing cross-border and private provision. This may increase the risks ...


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