Quality and Equity of Schooling in the German-speaking Community of Belgium

image of Quality and Equity of Schooling in the German-speaking Community of Belgium

The German-speaking Community of Belgium is in the process of developing an overall vision for its education system (the “Gesamtvision Bildung”) to guide reforms across the education sector for greater quality and equity. To support this process, the OECD review offers an independent analysis of the German-speaking Community’s school system and assesses the system’s strengths and challenges from an international perspective. It provides a description of the system’s policies in international comparison and proposes options for future reforms, covering pre-primary to upper secondary education. The analysis addresses the funding and governance of school education, policies to support equity and inclusion, the evaluation system, school leadership and the development of the teaching profession. The report aims to highlight opportunities for the German-speaking Community to build on the strengths of its school system, enhance the effectiveness of its resource use and ensure that the system delivers the best outcomes for all students.


Governing and funding the education system

This chapter covers the governance, organisation, and funding of school education in the German‑speaking Community of Belgium. It analyses the distribution of responsibilities for financing and administering schools in the Community, the overall education budget and the distribution of funding across levels of education, school types, school networks and resource categories. The chapter also considers the role of strategic planning and the use of data to steer education policy in the Community. Finally, the chapter analyses the organisation and scope of the educational provision, the co‑ordination between sectors (general and vocational education) and students’ transitions across levels of education and into the labour market.



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