Preparing Vocational Teachers and Trainers

Case Studies on Entry Requirements and Initial Training

image of Preparing Vocational Teachers and Trainers

Teachers and in-company trainers are central to vocational education and training (VET), as they support the school-to-work transitions of learners from diverse backgrounds. VET teachers develop learners’ skills in school-based settings, while in-company trainers support learners during their time in work-based learning. Countries use different strategies to ensure an adequate supply of well-prepared VET teachers and trainers. This report focuses on two aspects: entry requirements for the VET teaching and training profession to ensure quality and consistency; and initial education and training for VET teachers and trainers to ensure that they are well-prepared when taking up their role. It draws lessons from policies and practices in Canada, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and Norway for developing a skilled teaching and training workforce through entry requirements and training, while maintaining sufficient flexibility.


Case study: Entry requirements and initial training of vocational teachers and trainers in Denmark

This chapter looks at teachers and trainers in the Danish vocational education and training (VET) system. It zooms in on the requirements to join the VET teaching and training workforce and on the initial education and training to prepare teachers and trainers for their role. Particular attention is paid to ways to make pathways into the teaching and training profession accessible and flexible.


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