Preparing Teachers and Developing School Leaders for the 21st Century

Lessons from around the World

image of Preparing Teachers and Developing School Leaders for the 21st Century

This book uses PISA data to show that a substantial proportion of students in OECD countries now attend schools that have high degrees of autonomy in different areas of decision making. But effective school autonomy depends on effective leaders, including system leaders, principals, teacher leaders, senior teachers, and head teachers, as well as strong support systems. That, in turn, requires well-distributed leadership, new types of training and development for school leaders, and appropriate support and incentives.


Matching teacher demand and supply

Many education systems face a daunting challenge in recruiting high-quality graduates as teachers, particularly in shortage areas, and retaining them once they are hired. How have countries succeeded in matching their supply of highquality teachers to their needs? How have they prepared teachers for priority subjects or locations? Competitive compensation and other incentives, career prospects and diversity, and giving teachers responsibility as professionals are important parts of strategies to attract the most talented teaches to the most challenging classrooms. Active recruitment campaigns can emphasize the fulfilling nature of teaching as a profession, and seek to draw in groups that might not otherwise have considered teaching. Where teaching is seen as an attractive profession, its status can further be enhanced through selective recruitment that makes teachers feel that they will be going into a career sought after by accomplished professionals. All this demands that initial education prepares new teachers to play an active role in designing and delivery of education, rather than just following standardized practices.


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