PISA 2022 Assessment and Analytical Framework

image of PISA 2022 Assessment and Analytical Framework

This report presents the conceptual foundations of the OECD Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), now in its eighth cycle of comprehensive and rigorous international surveys of student knowledge and skills that are essential for full participation in modern societies. As in previous cycles, the 2022 PISA assessment covered reading, mathematics and science, with a major focus on mathematics, plus an evaluation of students’ creative thinking and financial literacy skills. This publication includes the frameworks for assessing mathematics, financial literacy and creative thinking. These chapters outline the content knowledge and skills that students need to acquire in each domain, how each domain is assessed, and the contexts in which this knowledge and these skills are applied. The publication also presents the frameworks for the various questionnaires distributed to students, school principals, parents and teachers, including a new Global Crisis Module (GCM) for students and school principals. It concludes with the framework for the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) familiarity questionnaire distributed to students.


PISA 2022 Context Questionnaire Framework: Balancing Trends and Innovation

This chapter presents the framework for the background core questionnaires for students and schools and explains the goals and rationale for selecting specific questionnaire content for the eighth cycle of PISA. Like prior frameworks, it touches upon how measured constructs theoretically relate to one another and to student achievement. Additionally, the framework outlines a set of survey design principles and methodologies that are introduced to PISA 2022 with the aim of improving measurement, efficiency, and consistency of PISA in the mid to long term.  


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